Urban Climb – West End Gym

Tetra Tech Coffey worked closely with our client and local stakeholders to revitalise a disused inner  city industrial warehouse into a modern bouldering facility.

Tetra Tech Coffey was initially engaged to provide certification of the imported fabricated steel frame structures intended to be constructed to support the bouldering and wall climbing structures and associated climbing equipment at the Urban Climb gym.

Due to stringent regulations on the imported structural steel and complications with lead time as a result of  COVID 19 restrictions, Tetra Tech’s scope was expanded to include all engineering services for this Project.

Our Structural Engineers undertook the following scope items:

  • Initial investigations of the site including concrete footings/slab review and capacity assessment
  • Dilapidation survey of the existing disused industrial building
  • Development of conceptual and detailed design phases for the structural steel framing elements to accommodate the proposed Urban Climb bouldering walls
  • Provided construction support of the steel frame erection and fixing to the existing building footings
  • Assisted nominated fabricator support during the fabrication process.
  • Construction and site support
  • Provision of final post construction certification and approval

We successfully delivered the engineering design and certification of the Urban Climb West End Bouldering Gym.

Services Provided

Client name: Urban Climb
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Duration: 2020 – 2021
Services provided: Engineering Services

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