Heads of Practice Appointments

Tetra Tech Coffey are pleased to announce the appointments of its Head of Practice roles. The announcement made by Tetra Tech Coffey President – Brigid Moriarty continues our focus for technical excellence and the technical development of our staff, building specialist communities, driving collaboration and influencing industry through innovation.

The appointment of Aaron Holmes, Andreas Giannakogiorgos, Katie Watt, and Dr Sarah Richards will provide ongoing knowledge sharing amongst our technical communities at Tetra Tech.

Andreas Gianakogiorgos

Andreas Giannakogiorgos | Geotechnics

Andreas is a Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer and brings over 23 years of geotechnical engineering experience from NZ, Australia, the US, Mexico, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Europe. Andreas has worked on a wide variety of client projects ranging from simple residential dwellings to forensic engineering work such as the Central Sulawesi (Palu, Indonesia) Seismic Assessment. Andreas has also held national advisory roles, representing the NZ Geotechnical Society on the revision of the National Seismic Hazard Model.

Aaron Holmes | Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

Aaron brings over 27 years of professional technical experience in the areas of asbestos and hazardous materials consulting and has worked in the US, Ireland, UK and Australia. As WHS and Hazardous Materials Practice Leader for our East Coast teams based in Sydney and Melbourne, Aaron has nurtured a growing team of WHS professionals over the last 8 years at Tetra Tech Coffey.

Katie Watt | Environmental and Social Management and Advisory (ESMA)

As Senior Principal Environmental Consultant in the Melbourne ESMA team, Katie holds over 10 years in senior/executive leadership positions on some of the largest infrastructure projects in Victoria in the space of land, planning and environment. Prior to this Katie worked in the water industry for 10 years, with a background in analytical chemistry. Katie has led project approvals and land acquisition projects including the Melbourne Desalination Project, the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project, North East Link and Suburban Rail Loop.

Sarah Richards

Dr Sarah Richards | Site Assessment and Remediation (SAR)

Sarah is a Senior Principal Geoenvironmental Engineer based in Melbourne and has been an advocate for developing technical communities in our business as the incumbent SAR Head of Practice for over 10 years. Sarah has over 30 years of experience in advising contaminated land industry committees, boards and organisations both locally and nationally and is the immediate past President and current Director of the Australian Land and Groundwater Association.

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